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Welcome to the site of Accounting Office Wojciech Brzozowski.

We provide comprehensive financial and accounting services and payroll for small and medium-sized entities. Our customers are international entities, partnerships and enterprises individuals.

We have the necessary qualifications to provide services and business activity is covered by insurance liability.

We work on Comarch applications.

We can offer you dedicated models of cooperation (online accounting, electronic data exchange). All necessary data can be sent online.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer



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Kursy walut - Serwis Finansowy nr 1
NBP 2017-09-21
USD 3,5975 +1,00%
EUR 4,2863 +0,22%
CHF 3,7042 -0,13%
GBP 4,8540 +0,47%
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WIBID 3M 1,53 +0,00%
WIBOR 3M 1,73 +0,00%
WIBOR 1M 1,66 +0,00%
EURIBOR 3M -0,33 +0,00%
EURIBOR 1M -0,37 +0,00%
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