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Our offer

For new customers we have special offer:
  • free of charge access to our sales invoices module (internet access required)

 Our services include:

  • bookkeeping,
  • keeping the records of tax (tax revenue and expense ledger, registered lump sum),
  • keeping VAT registers,
  • fixed assets registers,
  • payroll,
  • social insurance registers,
  • preparation of financial statements,
  • other reports required by Polish law,
  • preparation of tax returns: PIT, VAT, CIT,
  • preparation of accounting policy,
  • handling tax audits and tax,
  • credit collection,
  • client representation before the authorities of the US, ZUS, UKS, NBP,
  • current consultations and other financial analysis,
  • cooperation with the auditor in the examination of reports,
  • assistance in getting loans.

 Models of cooperation:

  • The customer  will provide the documents to our office or we receive them, after posting the documents are stored in our  office or sent back to the customer,
  • We post documents at your premises on our software and documents remain in the office (Internet access required in the office)
  • Online accounting (e-bookkeeping), various forms of electronic exchange of data between the office and the client, work on-line client for our software or office software client (we invite you to familiarize with our  offer of online accounting)   
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