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Online bookkeeping

For those of you who are committed to conducting business with limited time for personal contact with your accountant as well as for those who are open to application of advanced information technology and for those who are looking for savings but also expect professional services we prepared customized an territorially unlimited services in the following options:

Option I

We run your accounting traditionally on the basis of  delivered documents  by mail, courier etc. or documents sent by e-mail or placed on the FTP server scans these documents. In addition, you have the possibility to preview via remote desktop of your data (documents posted, the amount of tax liabilities and social security, settlements, etc.) at any time and from any location with internet access

Benefits for you ....... unlimited access to data at any time!

Option II

We keep the books for you, as in option 1 and in addition, the client also uses its software modules of Comarch OPT!MA (sales invoices, cash / bank, HR / payroll). Data from your modules are sent to the accounting office via certified Data Exchange platform by Comarch. And in this scenario you can view the data.
Benefits for you ....... by electronic data transfer service is cheaper than the traditional and the results are immediate!

Option III

The customer  enters all  the documents through remote desktop of our software Comarch OPTIMA. Data input does not require any advanced knowledge . After receiving the documents (mail, courier) or their scans (e-mail, putting on an FTP server) we verify entries made by the customer then confirm and perform other works and calculate, prepare and send the required tax returns. The documents can be stored in our or in the customer’s office. In this variant  you can view the data as well.

Benefits for you ...... this option does not require the purchase of software and hiring an accountant and at the same time allows you to use the software (issuing sales invoices, preparing petty cash reports etc).

We save your money and time !!! 

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